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Momoji Kids Face Cover

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The Momoji Kids Anti-Pollution face cover by Arma LDN brings you the latest in personal protection that is both breathable and good for the environment thanks to our eco:sense initiative.

For every face cover order received, we make a donation to our local NHS hospital for #frontline #keyworkers - take a peek

The Momoji Kids Anti-Pollution face cover is supplied with 2 replaceable 5-layer PM2.5 filters with Activated Carbon to effectively block the vast majority of airborne particulates, including even the very smallest nanoparticles.


4-8 years: Momoji character designs

9-14 years: Camo prints; Khaki, Pink or Traditional


Made from 100% sustainably sourced Cotton

Machine Washable

2 x FREE replacement PM2.5 filters (buy more here)

FREE soft silicone neckband to improve comfort for longer periods

Air Vent for additional air purification and heat dissipation

Adjustable Ear Loops

Built-in nose strip for a more secure fit

Bio-degradable packaging


#armayourself #skinfriendly 

All neckbands are black. Packaging may vary

Disclaimer: This face cover has not been tested or certified to meet any of the following standards; DIN149, EN143 or others issued by NIOSH, FDA, NHS, N95, KN95 etc.
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Momoji Kids Face Cover

Momoji Kids Face Cover