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About Arma London

Arma London is a British lifestyle brand providing customers with a collection of premium personal safety conscious products; 5 in 1 protective travel kits, re-useable face covers and accessories.


Our products are designed in the UK, and produced using sustainably sourced materials, with 100% recycled and bio-degradable packaging - our inks are eco-friendly too!


We’re are extremely conscious about the process of manufacturing and delivering our products to our customers. Therefore, we have chosen the most trustful delivery companies in the UK, so that orders are handled with care and delivered contactless to our customers’ doors.

Moreover, we are also offering FREE UK standard delivery since we are encouraging a sustainable attitude overall, as a brand.

Sophisticated design meets sustainable solutions.

With Arma, form and function go hand-in-hand. Across our premium collections, we combine considered design with smart and sustainable processes, for a life that's as safe as it is stylish.

Today, we don't just care for our health, but the health of our families and friends; Arma helps you to protect yourself and your loved ones.


But we also know that protecting yourself says a lot about who you are, a face mask isn’t just a way to help protect you. It's a reflection of your personality and your style. With elegant, discreet design and impeccable attention to detail, Arma says all the right things. 


100% British

All our products are designed by leading British fashion accessory designers.


Our award-winning designers have many years of experience producing designs for many British high street brands on women's footwear, accessories and jewellery. 

The Arma design team specialises in luggage, accessories, handbags, SLG, prints and embellishment, children’s bag designs and specifications. 


By acknowledgement today's (and tomorrow's) advancements in global mobility, we are driven to provide customers with beautifully designed lifestyle accessories that promote, personal security and wellbeing.